Friday, September 30, 2011

New ERP Textbook Highlights Unique Challenges of Public Sector

Jason Beal, President of Beal Budgeting, working in partnership with Bipin Prabhaker (Indiana University), has authored the chapter on Public Sector ERP for the upcoming textbook, "Readings on Enterprise Resource Planning," which highlights the unique challenges of ERP within the public sector.

Development of “Public Sector ERP”

Over the past 13 months, Beal Budgeting President Jason Beal, has drawn on his experiences within the industry and as an ERP/EPM instructor in the Indiana University Kelley School of Business Master of Science in Information Systems ( program to co-author a chapter for the upcoming textbook, "Readings on Enterprise Resource Planning." This textbook, which will soon be published for use by more than 100 universities around the globe, is the first textbook with a focus on this subject.
The public sector ERP content in this book was written with the intent of introducing a new generation to the world of Public Sector ERP and the singular challenges inherent within the development and implementation of public sector ERP solutions. In addition, this content also provides an overview of the history and current industry landscape.

During a recent discussion of the upcoming release, Mr. Beal shared, "most of us have lived and breathed this subject for much of our careers—yet there was no textbook available to pass on the lessons we have learned to the next generation.

The information I contributed to this textbook is structured around my personal experiences as a public administrator, industry consultant, and teaching the subject at Indiana University; but also draws on the experience of other experts, those who have struggled with the challenges of ERP within the public sector. With their assistance, we were able to develop a collective of information unprecedented in academic publications.

By participating in the creation of this textbook, Beal Budgeting is able to continue its primary mission of promoting good government. Through the education of upcoming generations of consultants, we can generate a climate of successful project planning and implementation designed take advantage of the benefits of ERP, creating not only a more efficient and effective government but one that also, in the long run, saves taxpayers money."

“Public Sector ERP” Content Outline

Notable sections within the chapter include:
  • The Emergence of Public Sector ERP
    • History of ERP In The Public Sector
  • Public Sector ERP Landscape
  • Public Sector Governance and ERP
    • The Role of the Budget
    • Transparency and Public Interest
    • Elections
  • Differentiated Public Sector ERP Functionality
    • Public Sector Financial Management
    • Public Sector Procurement and Logistics
  • Preparing for Public Sector ERP Deployment

Additional Information

Further information on "Readings on Enterprise Resource Planning" can be found at Symposia. To learn more about the services offered by Beal Budgeting, visit the Beal Budgeting Services page. Additional information on the Kelley School of Business MSIS Degree is provided through the Information Systems Graduate Programs website.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Our New Blog!

Thanks everyone for checking out our new Beal Budgeting blog! Here you will be able to find information, articles, and resources relevant to what Beal Budgeting is all about : Good Government Through Better Budgeting. Check back soon for our first post! What would you like to read about on our blog?